So where is Newcastle Station? (blown up or sold by the stingy owner?)

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So where is Newcastle Station? (blown up or sold by the stingy owner?)

Post  Matt Varnish on Thu Dec 31, 2015 7:22 am

So in ELITE Dangerous, way way back kickstarter pledges could reserve station names. Hence why I found one called Glen's House of Lambada, anyways.. there is a Tottenham Hotspurs fan who named a planet THFC EST 1888 and named the station after the stadium (and then ofc had to shorten it bcs.. lawyers) see below: Smile

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Talking of Easter Eggs, when I started out in my Sidey.... I came across a planet called something like" THFC Est 1888".... Won't mean much to most people, but its an English football team....
That be in the Bast system, site of the famous Bast Plague CGs a few months ago; the station name (Hart Station) is also named after the same football team's home ground. Apparently when the game first launched it was called "White Hart Road Station". Someone must have complained and the name was shortened.

Back in the Kickstarter phase, supporters who gave a certain amount of money bought the rights to name systems, planets or stations. Bast is presumably the result of a generous Hotspurs supporter.
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