New Source of 15mm WWII Miniatures

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New Source of 15mm WWII Miniatures

Post  Luggs on Thu Sep 01, 2016 7:29 pm

Hey Folks, I just bought some stuff through ebay and the models are really nice. Cost was $5 per model...painted!!!! After shipping, exchange rate and duty it came closer to $10 Cdn per model but still a great buy. I made e mail contact with the guy who sells the stuff and he has a website (not quite fully developed) at:

He will sell directly and in fact made a mistake on my order through ebay and instead of asking for me to send the models back (9 in total) he said keep them at no additional cost and he is shipping me the original models I asked for. Here is a link to what the quality looks like:

He will produce them with or without bases (I prefer without) and I believe will sell them at a lessor price if you don't want a basic paint job. If you're interested in a more closer look see at the quality I'll bring one with me this weekend.

....and no I'm not making a commission.......that fact that he is sending me 9 more models without charging me extra because of a mistake he made says something about the integrity of this guy....

Cheers affraid


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