West German Infantry

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West German Infantry

Post  Obsidian23 on Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:38 pm

So I had to go up to Petawawa yesterday to go see the CO to my unit about what I am doing next year when I get back. Thankfully he is fully supportive of me going back to my old job. WooHoo, many more years in Ottawa.

I also finally, finally found my West German infantry for my West Germans. Was only the one blister, since I only have one unit of Marders its probably just as well. So of course I painted them last night. And yes Tristan, I finished off your Hammer Heads as well!!!!!

I also picked up the last remaining box of the old Resin and Metal Panzer IVs. Not sure what I will use them for but I have them, Bwahahahaha

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