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Post  Coyote on Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:27 pm

Here's the info on 13th Age.

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The most important change is how skills work and the addition of One Unique Things and Icon Relationships.

Skills are not named skills but are called Backgrounds and represent the things you learned before becoming the adventurer you are. If you were a town guard for many years you would write "Beckleburg Town Guard 5" and any skill that you would have learned, including local history, soldiering, intimidation, etc, would be covered by that one background.

One Unique Things is a non-mechanical thing that is completely unique to you. It's an RP thing only and can't give you any powers.

Icon Relationships are a bit hard for new players to grok.
There are major icons and you have relationships with them. They may not be direct one-on-one relationship. If you worked with an agent of the Empreror, thought favorably of the Emperor and they liked you, you would have a positive relationship. If you worked against The Lich King you would have a negative relationship.

When creating character I don't mind people leaving Backgrounds, One Unique Things and Icon Relationships blank until they can decide what they want.


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