StarWars Legion Factions

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StarWars Legion Factions

Post  Twinlinked on Tue May 15, 2018 4:45 pm

Are there any good references to read about factions and how they play,

I think I would prefer to run a low model count list, just not sure what options are out there,



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Re: StarWars Legion Factions

Post  CA$H on Tue May 15, 2018 5:07 pm

It's a low model count game. Rebels are mobility and nimble focused. Imperials are generally better armored but slower. They are closely balanced and field roughly the same amount of models.

800pts it the "full size" tournament game, and I will have :

1 HQ model
3-4 units of 5 or 6 stormtrooper type models
Maybe 2-3 speederbikes

Granted more units are releasing every few weeks, so this is an initial list - but at 450pts I have Vader, 10 stormtroopers and 2 speederbikes...

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