Kingston FoW MW Tourney 30 Sep 18

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Kingston FoW MW Tourney 30 Sep 18

Post  Luggs on Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:01 am

Where – Kingston Gaming Nexus, 270 Bagot Street Kingston
When – Sunday, 30 September 2018
Registration at 0930

Game 1 – 1000 to 1200
Game 2 – 1230 to 1430
Game 3 – 1500 to 1700

Who – Fourteen players (the TO will play if there is an odd number that morning)
Points – 71 Points
Period – Mid War
Rules – Battlefront V4 with associated Mid War book. Command Cards are allowed but you must have the actual cards and not reproductions. We will use the More Missions Victory Conditions but the Tournament Organizer will determine the mission for each round. We will not be using Fog of War Objective Cards.

Scoring: 80% Generalship, 20% Sportsmanship. Best Painted will be announced but is not worked into the scoring.

Painting – Models must be painted (infantry can be mono-colour but their bases must be painted a different colour). Any proxies must be cleared with the Tournament Organizer before the tournament. I am not too fussed about infantry standing in for other infantry from the same nation, but I am more sticky on vehicles/guns. So you could use Late War German infantry as Mid War German infantry (as long as the types are clear), but a Mark IV Long needs to be a Mark IV Long.

Army Lists – Please bring four typed copies of your list with your name on them.
Cost – $15.
Tournament Organizer – Iain Clark (


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Re: Kingston FoW MW Tourney 30 Sep 18

Post  PhantomRescue Today at 11:53 am

Shame to miss this one!! I will be away that weekend, but hope they get a decent turnout! I like that store a lot and there are some good players from that area as well.

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