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Post  CA$H on Mon Jul 30, 2012 3:22 pm

So, here is the basic timeline for the proposed slow grow league: Start when we get 4+ people interested.

I have recently been chatting with a local PrivateerPress Pressganger "Noble Rain" (aka Phillip-Olivier) on the Ottawa Warmachine forum. He knows Dennis and mentioned he would love to run a Journeyman league for our group!

So - lets get this ball rolling! Who's interested?

Keep in mind Dennis has Menoth and I have Cygnar, Khador, and Legion. I am planning on using Legion for this but all my Battleboxs are already painted. So If anyone is interested in joining us, they are free to use my Cygnar/Khador Battleboxes to get started - I am also willing to part with the Cygnar at a VERY reasonable prices(if desired - I have the army book too).

If you dont want to use a "battlebox" to start, PrivateerPress provides these guidelines:

Retribution of Scyrah
Kaelyssa the Night’s Whisper, Manticore, Griffon, Chimera

Mercenaries (Four Star Syndicate Option 1)
Magnus the Traitor, Mangler, Renegade, Talon
Mercenaries (Four Star Syndicate Option 2, Searforge Commission, Highborn Covenant Option 1)
Gorten Grundback. Ghordson Driller, Grundback Gunners x3
Mercenaries (Four Star Syndicate Option 3, Highborn Covenant Option 2, Talion Charter)
Captain Bartolo Montador, Mariner, Freebooter, Buccaneer

Minions (Thornfall Alliance)
Lord Carver, War Hog, Gun Boar x2
Minions (Blindwater Congregation)
Bloody Barnabas, Blackhide Wrastler, Ironback Spitter

I plan to invite Phillip-Olivier out one Friday night soon to run demos and get us into gear.

So Who's interested?

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