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First Crack

Post  Matt Varnish on Mon Mar 13, 2017 5:11 am

I'm taking my Italians and French down to Cold Wars to sell. Figured let the fine folks here get first crack at them first. You've seen them already so I won't bother posting them. The italians have 15 M41 tanks, 8 of the MG toting Fiat tankettes, 2 of the coastal guns mounted on trucks, and then I have lots more guns and infantry to really make either company easily. THe french is what you guys have seen, so a full ARP company with 5 shermans 5 stuarts 4 M10s some M57guns, 105s, unpainted 105s, unpainted 155s.

Shoot me an email if intrested and we can work something out mattvarnish at gee mail dot com.
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