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Post  Matt Varnish on Mon Mar 13, 2017 6:15 am

SPoke to Mark from HoH who does a campaign setting and does 'bolt-ons' to flames of war in order to produce more granularity.  A few examples.. If you get pinned more than once, add more pin markers, and you roll dice to unpin for each one.  2 pins means they cannot move at all or shoot at all.   Overwatch.   Stay gone to ground, get a second gone to ground token, and then you can spend it on the enemy turn, and if you roll a skill check, you shoot at the enemy, but when you do, you are no longer gone to ground yourself.


He does COMIC-style battlereports:

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Check him out, Tris, he has tonnes of campaign ideas, we should lift some and run our own, here is his current Norway in FLames (game is a few minutes in, but is excellent)
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