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Post  Coyote on Wed May 03, 2017 11:10 am

With the arrival of my order my Saga enthusiasm has been re-stoked. I was re-reading the rules and found some things that I think we've missed. I haven't been around since the Good Friday game day so perhaps people have already fixed these.

Doubling attack or defense dice
You can never add more than double your attack or defense dice for any reason. So, if you generate 4 attack dice and various battleboard abilities add 5 more, you would only roll 8 dice, discarding the 9th. Same for defense dice, although your initial pool is how many hits you received.

Order of Operations
There's a very clear order of operations for a melee that determine who activates battleboard abilities first. Basically:

  1. Attacker and defender determines starting dice pool.
  2. Defender chooses whether he is reducing his attack pool (removed 1/2 dice from pool, rounded up. So, if rolling 5 dice, removes 3).
  3. Attacker chooses battleboard abilities and whether he is spending fatigue. Each use of fatigue is once only, so reduce enemy armour by 1 and/or increase armour by 1, but not reduce enemy armour by 2.
  4. Defender chooses battleboard abilities and fatigue use.
  5. Roll dice and resolve.

Resting and Fatigue
This one was definitely my fault as I was explaining the rule wrong.
  • You get fatigue for any movement or shooting action which was preceded by a movement or shooting action.
  • Rest must be the first action of the turn.

This means if you have 1 fatigue you can activate to rest, remove the fatigue, then activate again to move or shoot and you won't immediately receive a fatigue since the previous action wasn't moving or shooting.

Fatigue in Shooting
Another one I think I championed incorrectly. I think we've been doing it backwards
When shooting the only unit which can spend fatigue is the defending unit to increase their armour.

Impassible Terrain
I don't think I saw this occur but it was something I only really noticed on my recent read-through:
All models in a friendly unit are considered impassible terrain, as well as all gaps between models in a friendly unit. You cannot move one unit through another unit regardless of how spread out the unit is, unless your battleboard allows it.


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Post  CA$H on Wed May 03, 2017 11:22 am

All solid points- we picked up on the order of combat and played it very tight last Friday.

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Post  lothlann on Wed May 03, 2017 12:37 pm

Orders/reaction go in step 0 before dice are calculated, here is a good thread explaining it.

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