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EW BAR build-to list

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EW BAR build-to list Empty EW BAR build-to list

Post  Matt Varnish on Wed May 02, 2012 11:31 am

Alright so my BAR is almost all built now, I have 2 more tanks to go.

I am thinking of the following:

HQ A9 x2

Heavy Cruiser Squadron HQ A10x 3, 2 have CS gun, so can fire smoke bombardments.
Heavy Cruiser platoon: 3 x 3 A13

Light Armoured Squadron HQ: 3 x Vickers MKVIB
3 x Vickers MKVIB
3 x Vickers MKVIB

1490 points. So thats 24 tanks whose maximum armor is 2 haha. And nothing has HE.

Conversely, I can be a D-Bag and take 2 x HQ Matildas, then 2 platoons of 2 Matildas for 1425 points. Again no HE, one MG per tank, it'll never win a single game vs infantry.
Matt Varnish
Matt Varnish

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