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This Is Not a Test Necromunda Alternative Empty This Is Not a Test Necromunda Alternative

Post  Coyote on Tue Nov 28, 2017 12:38 pm

My friends, who aren't really miniature gamers, are nostalgic enough about Necromunda that they're talking about getting back into the hobby. I loved Necromunda and would love to play again, but:
$185 for the box
$40 for Gang War
$32 for strategy cards for two gangs.

It's just too much, so I've been looking at alternatives. One that looks promising is This is Not a Test by World's End Publishing. It's a fall-out inspired post-apocalyptic version of Necromunda.

I picked up the PDF and am reading through it. It is relatively miniature agnostics although it is a stretch for Infinity, or rather Nomads and Pan-0. There is a high-tech faction though, so it's possible.


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