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News from the rear - ArcticFox

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News from the rear - ArcticFox Empty News from the rear - ArcticFox

Post  ArcticFox PZ Division on Fri May 15, 2020 4:20 pm

Hello all, we arealready mid may and not much happen since February in the Flames of war battlefield.

I decide to use this time to create a new formation. So using vehicles from the kits Fury and Hit the beach I decide to begin the creation of a 3 Canadian Infantry Division. Using the Sherman and VC Firefly provided in those 2 kits.

You can follow the progress on my youtube channel of building this new formation

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In the upcoming weeks I hope to be able to present more units on my channel.


On other news, I purchase a 3D printer and I'm still playing around and understanding is capacity and quality in regard of printing vehicles, house, bunker, etc

more on the subject in the upcoming weeks

ArcticFox PZ Division
ArcticFox PZ Division

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